The interactive menu acts to keep distractions from the content to a minimum, harkening back to the site’s central tenant of showcasing Motion-Path's work.

Website Redesign

Motion-Path is an award-winning Montreal-based design company that create boradcast design, augmented reality and real-time 3D graphics. Their portfolio includes big projects such as the Sochi Olympics, US and Canadian elections, and more.

The design world is a dynamic place and creative agencies need stay one step ahead and showcase new trends. Website redesigns allow brands to do this.

In 2018, we took MP's site to another level. Displaying their videos and rich design work was an essential criterion. Fullscreen graphics capture the feel that Motion-Path brings to television audiences, and boldly expresses their product to their potential clients.

Transparent Graphics

Transparent content boxes were the ideal way to develop a content heavy page all the while keeping Motion-Path’s graphics in the viewer’s mind.