Color Themes

Each year we extract a new color from the logo to use as a theme. We used Royal Blue in 2016, Flame Red in 2017 and Rudy Brown in 2018. Rudy Brown was selected to convey an energizing and positive feeling, representing change and movement.

Branding ˖ Graphic Design

The Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade is a non-profit organization. Their Quebec devision raises over $300,000 annually for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Since 2016, we designed WICC's Gala invitation, Save-the-Dates, digital "Thank You" cards, partnership documents, online ads, magazine ads and their annual Gala Program booklet.


Being very involved in the community, WICC relies strongly on effective and impactful communication. We opted for simple yet bold aesthetics that grab their readers' attention and direct the focus on their messages.